Adele's Background
Try a great way to feel better fast when life gets tough and you're stressed?

"Adele, what brought you to this work?" 

People ask me this a lot. So I've posted this so that you can know a bit about me.  

The Short Version

The simplest explanation is that this kind of work helped me when nothing else could.  For many years, I had suffered with depression, anxiety and physical pain. Physically, I couldn't move my head without feeling sharp aching pain going up and down my torso. There was so much tension in me that I couldn't even wiggle my fingers without everything from my neck down to my back hurting. Emotionally, I felt just as bad as my body. I lived in a constant state of stress, loneliness and confusion.   

I tried a few things, including medications and painkillers. But nothing really worked.   

One day I met an energy healer. Even though I thought it was absolutely crazy, I decided to give her a try. I had never heard of things like energy work, Reiki, or clearing of energetic trauma. And frankly, I didn't want to know. I just wanted to feel better.

To my surprise, I began to feel better almost immediately. The pain started to leave my body. I also healed my tinnitus, which doctors had said I would have to learn to live with.

But even more surprisingly, I started to feel like I was literally coming alive again. The anxiety and depression started to lift. It was as if there had been a part of me that I had forgotten about. I started remembering certain things from childhood. Like how, as a child, I knew how to move energy with my hands. Or how I would hear things in the room that no one else could hear, or know things I had no way of knowing. I realized that I had shut down such an important part of me, which included my natural healing abilities, that that was what had caused my depression to begin with. I had just wanted to "fit in", and I had no idea with what to do with this kind of sensitivity and ability.

As I started to heal my body, I decided to also dust off my natural abilities with energy. I decided I want to really use them instead of hiding them away.  And then people started showing up for help, so I worked with them. And then people started reporting very surprising results with feeling better, less pain, and faster healing times. 

And now, here I am, working with an international clientele.  I am very good at helping people with anxiety and stress-related physical issues because I was once there myself.  I offer what helped me to other people because it works.

Well, that's it for "short version" about me. If you want to hear more details, (and how I kicked and screamed the whole way),  grab some coffee and click here for the "long version".

My Training and the Technical Stuff

I've trained with several of the top pioneers in the field of energy healing, including Rosalyn Bruyere, Richard Bartlett and Donna Eden. I'm a licensed Art of Feminine Presence instructor, a powerful body of work that helps women reclaim their natural feminine radiance and attract the attention they want. I have a certification in energy medicine from a three-year professional program at the Whitewinds Institute. I've studied many other energy healing modalities, including Matrix Energetics, advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), sound shamanism, cranio sacral therapy, Reiki and qi gong. 

You'll often hear me on radio shows discussing energy healing and spiritual development. Many of my articles have been published on health and wellness websites. I was also the founding editor for the Energy Medicine section of I often work with physicians as part of an integrative healthcare team.

I hold a B.A. in Economics and an M.S. in Industrial Relations from the University of Wisconsin. I had a successful career in the corporate world before I made the switch to my practice, and that has given me an excellent background for understanding the pressures many people face. I'm an active musician and I participate in the Atlanta dance and music scene. I live with my family outside of Atlanta.