About Energy Healing
People often ask me, "What is energy healing?"

Every living thing pulses with energy. Our physical body is surrounded by an energy field that acts as an information center and a highly perceptual system. Our emotions are also a critical part of this field as well.

Energy healing is a way of using this energy field to optimize health and wellness. The premise of energy healing is that unhealthy conditions, disease and pain are a result of an imbalance in the energy field. Energy healing is the art and science of creating and sustaining an appropriate balance in the cells of tissue and organs, resulting in good health, well-being and a stronger connection to feeling alive. 

Although energy healing has been practiced in diverse cultures for centuries, it is only recently that Western medicine has recognized the significance of the body's magnetic field. Scientific research is recognizing the value of the subtle but powerful impact of energy medicine. Energy healing is increasingly becoming a part of an integrated wellness plan for people seeking natural ways to help themselves. Reiki is a popular form of energy medicine, and I've been performing Reiki since 2003 on clients in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Roswell. However, Reiki is not the only effective energy modality, and I use a bunch of other methods too. Cancer treatment communities are embracing energy healing as a helpful option for patients.

Would you like a great way to feel better fast when life gets tough and you're stressed?

Energy healing integrates smoothly with standard medicine, and never interferes with medications. It does not replace standard medical care. Yet there are times when energy helps where other approaches have not.

My work encompasses the physical part of you and also the rest of you, including your heart and your spirit. Without those pieces, the work would be incomplete.

Benefits of energy healing include:
  • Less physical pain and discomfort
  • Faster healing times of physical injuries
  • Faster recovery from accidents and surgeries
  • Easier clearing of old emotional "stuff"
  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Less side effects from standard medications 
  • A stronger sense of purpose and direction in your life

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"Energy medicine is the next frontier in medicine." Dr. Mehmet Oz on The Oprah Winfrey show.

*All information provided on this website is educational in nature, and is not intended to replace medical or psychological advice.